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Pitt-Johnstown Multimedia and Digital Culture (MMDC)

Pitt-Johnstown offers a new major in Multimedia and Digital Culture (MMDC). Within this dynamic, evolving field, our program focuses on developing students abilities at the interdisciplinary intersections of the Humanities and Digital Technology. It explores the emerging field that capitalizes on electronic media, new media, digital humanities, and creative media.

The Multimedia and Digital Culture major engages students in the latest, most innovative human-computer interactions within a curricular framework that also emphasizes effective communication skills and the theoretical and philosophical context of our world’s digital culture.

Any digital studies program contains both “born” digital media (artifacts formed through the use of code) and digitized media (objects converted from print or analog forms into digital forms). Students in some of our current digital courses are already studying and producing born digital media while others are exploring the uses of digitized media. A few examples will illustrate what our students are currently doing in the digital courses we offer:

  • Students in Digital Humanities (ENGLIT 0355) compose a Google Maps essay, allowing them to practice composing a visual and text-based narrative as a born digital object.
  • Likewise, in Digital Humanities (ENGLIT 0355), students compose collaborative hypertext narratives that examine singular events from multiple perspectives and demonstrate the rhizomatic nature of much electronic literature.
  • Students in Writing for Digital Media (ENGWRT 0511) explore creative and professional composition that capitalizes on the shifting roles of reader and writer in the digital environment, including collaborative wiki editing and multimedia mashups.
  • Students in Interactive Fiction as Literature (ENGLIT 0522) study automated text generators and chat bots as they compose complex text-based and turn-driven narratives that advance and unfold only as a result of reader input.
  • Students in Digital Storytelling (ENGWRT 1011) learn to compose in multimedia by using images, audio, and video editing to enhance and expand text-based narrative structures, producing a portfolio of sound and video work.
  • Students in Minds & Machines (PHIL 0440) explicate and critically evaluate the thesis that the human mind, or at least its cognitive faculty, can be understood as a computing machine.

As these examples show, students in our MMDC courses are already doing the sort of work that emphasizes dynamic multi-modal communication (both writing and speaking) within a digital environment, preparing them for post-graduate careers in this emerging field.

Requirement for Admission:

Any student admitted to Pitt-Johnstown is eligible to declare a major in Multimedia and Digital Culture. Students can declare the major upon admission to the University or can switch from another major to MMDC by visiting the Humanities Division Office and completing a “Change of Major” form. Each student will immediately be assigned a Humanities advisor who teaches in the MDC program.

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