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Classical Piano 1

Jazz Piano 1

Rock Piano 1

Octave Piano

Rich Upright

Jazz Upright

Rock Upright

Soft Upright

Baby Grand

Bright Baby Grand

Pop Baby Grand

Classical Baby Grand

Grand Piano 2

Mellow Grand 2

Rock Piano 2

Saloon Piano

Grammophone Upright

Piano and Strings 1

Piano and Strings 2

Piano and Strings FX

Hollywood Piano 1

Hollywood Piano 2

Hollywood Piano FX

Bright Pop Grand

Chorused Pop Grand

7' Grand Piano

7' Grand Piano CH

7' Grand Piano FL

7' Grand Piano PH

Alt Rock Upright

Deep Chorus Upright

Real Tack Piano

Saloon Tack Piano

Harpsichord 8'

Harpsichord 8' Delicate

Harpsichord 8' Chorus

Harpsichord 8' Spacey

2-Octave Harpsichord 1

2-Octave Harpsichord 2

All instruments in iGrand Piano have been meticulously sampled in high-definition across multiple velocities. Play a low note on iGrand Piano and you’ll hear its fullness and natural decay. Play a note in the middle of the keyboard and listen to its warmth and richness. Play a high note and notice the realistic change in timbre as you get into the higher octaves. No other piano app offers anywhere near the same level of sonic detail.

Expansion Packs

Seven pianos are included with the purchase of iGrand Piano, and an additional one is unlocked when you register your app. In addition to the base instruments included in iGrand Piano, you can also expand your sonic reach with sound packs that introduce a whole new spectrum of playing: Try Piano Expansion Pack 1 to introduce 9 additional instruments or Piano Expansion Pack 2 to unlock 22 extra instruments. That makes for 40 sounds in total!

A free version of iGrand Piano is also available. It gives you one piano (another one can be unlocked when you register your app), that's limited to 49 notes. You can upgrade to the full version from this free version or even jump straight into the full collection.

Freedom to tweak

As great as the instruments in iGrand Piano sound, there will be times that you want to adjust them to suit a particular song or situation. Tap the control-knob icon in the upper left-hand corner, and you’ll see seven virtual knobs running across the top of the keyboards.

  • Volume: Controls the master output level
  • Ambience: Lets you change the amount of ambience, from dry to very "roomy"
  • Lid: Adjusts the virtual positioning of the piano's lid —from fully open to fully closed— and impacts the tone accordingly
  • 3-band EQ: Lets you make fine adjustments to the frequencies of your tone
  • Transpose: Increments in semi-tones, up to full octave up or down
  • Tuning: Offers a range of plus or minus 50 cents
  • Release: Adjust the release of the amplitude envelope, changing whether the note cuts off sharply (staccato) or sustains (legato)

iGrand Piano features a variations system that lets you save your tonal adjustments to one of four conveniently placed buttons that sit just next to the knobs themselves.

Take 1, we’re rolling

So imagine you’re playing one of the beautiful instruments in iGrand Piano. You’ve chosen “Classical Piano 1, ” and its rich tonality has unlocked a whole new frontier of melodies and playing that has you charting entirely new creative ground. If you have Samsung Soundcamp (requires a device compatible with Samsung Professional Audio or Android 5 Lollipop), you can record your playing easily and effortlessly while on the go.

Plug and play

With iGrand Piano you're in complete control. And while you can use the onboard touchscreen keyboard to play your sounds, the real fun starts when you get an OTG to Micro USB cable and plug-in one of IK’s ultra-portable MIDI keyboards like iRig Keys or iRig Keys Pro. You can also plug your MIDI keyboard to your Android device using iRig MIDI 2 and an OTG to Mini-DIN cable.


  • 8 world-class, multi-velocity stereo grand and upright piano instruments (including 1 that is unlocked by registering the app)
  • 2 expandable libraries of 9 and 22 additional studio-grade instruments instantly available via in-app purchase
  • Intuitive instrument edit controls including Ambience, Lid, Semi-Parametric EQ, Release, Tuning and Transpose
  • Easy-to-use instrument editor with transpose to adjust ambience, tonality and tuning
  • Available as a plug-in for Soundcamp*
  • Low-latency for real-time playing*
  • More than 64-voice polyphony on the latest devices
  • Can be used with Android-compatible MIDI controllers like iRig Keys and iRig Keys Pro or with iRig MIDI 2 interface
  • Free version also available

*Requires Samsung Professional Audio-compatible smartphone or tablet (or one with Android 5.0 Lollipop or later).

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