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3 Chromebooks on google.comChromebooks are great little machines with a wide range of features. However they are still struggling more than Mac, Windows or Linux computers when it comes to flawlessly playing every video file you throw at them.

Sometimes, the video plays but there is no sound, or the video playback is patchy and shows artefacts that don’t appear in video player apps on other computers.

Sometimes, subtitles that should be there don’t get displayed or the video doesn’t play at all.

There are a number of possible reasons for these problems and they include:

  1. Subtitle streams inside your video file are of an unrecognised format
  2. An update to Chrome or Chrome OS introduced a bug that causes video playback issues (best remedy here is to report the issue in the Chromebook Support forums, see this discussion as an example)

clipchamp-chrome-storeUntil Chrome OS supports more video file types and video/audio codecs, there are some things you can try to get your videos to work. Some work best if you’ve got internet access 24×7, others also work if you’re frequently offline. A more complex solution not suited for everyone would be to complement Chrome OS with another Linux distribution. Short of doing that, here are some suggestions:

1. Upload your video files to Google Drive, Dropbox or another file storage service that includes video playback capabilities, then stream your videos from there

  • Works if you have internet access so your files can be streamed and if you don’t mind uploading your videos first, which can take quite some time depending on file size (see here for tips of how to speed up that process)

3. Make sure Flash is enabled

  • Chromebooks come with the Flash plugin enabled by default and this helps to get more video file types to work. If you think this plugin might be disabled for one reason or another, check that you have Flash enabled

navigate to clipchamp.com in your browser4. Convert your video files to a format that Chromebooks understand

  • If none of the above suggestions provide relief, try converting your videos to a format that plays on Chromebooks
  • This will allow you to play your movie files even without internet access directly from your computer or a connected external USB drive or SD card
  • It will also reduce your video file’s size without noticeable quality difference (and save disk space in the process)
  • Please note that converting will work for most video files but might not work in some circumstances. It’s definitely worth a try and might do the trick for you.

If you’re keen to find out if converting your videos will help, the quickest way to do so on Chromebooks is clipchamp. It’s a free video converter app that processes your files directly on your machine and converts your videos without uploading them to any online server first.

To make things easy, here is a step-by-step guide of how to make use of clipchamp.

The screenshots below are from the classic Clipchamp, we recently updated the app’s design and made it more robust behind the scenes. The new version is available on clipchamp.com.

Select one of the output presets

Choose either 480p, 720p or 1080p, depending on the resolution of your source video and on the resolution you want in your output video. Make sure to pick a Mobile or Desktop/Web preset to create a video for Chromebooks.

Select an output quality on the slider (or leave the preselected one)

Higher quality (the right side of the slider) means longer conversion processing and larger output file sizes, lower quality (the left side of the slider) means faster processing and smaller output file sizes.

As a last step, check & save the output video

After the conversion is finished, you can save the file to your computer or Google Drive. You can also test it right away by clicking the “Play button” or upload it to Facebook or YouTube.

Hopefully, this works for you and one of the recommended solutions helps you get your video to play on your Chromebook.

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