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What is Multimedia and Web Technology?

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Design, Multimedia, and Web Technologies (2016)
36 weeks

Tasks/competencies bordered in blue are considered optional when marked as such; they and/or additional tasks/competencies may be taught at the discretion of the school division. All other tasks are considered essential statewide and are required of all students.

Demonstrating Workplace Readiness Skills: Personal Qualities and People Skills

  1. Demonstrate positive work ethic.
  2. Demonstrate integrity.
  3. Demonstrate teamwork skills.
  4. Demonstrate self-representation skills.
  5. Demonstrate diversity awareness.
  6. Demonstrate conflict-resolution skills.
  7. Demonstrate creativity and resourcefulness.

Demonstrating Workplace Readiness Skills: Professional Knowledge and Skills

  1. Demonstrate effective speaking and listening skills.
  2. Demonstrate effective reading and writing skills.
  3. Demonstrate critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.
  4. Demonstrate healthy behaviors and safety skills.
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of workplace organizations, systems, and climates.
  6. Demonstrate lifelong-learning skills.
  7. Demonstrate job-acquisition and advancement skills.
  8. Demonstrate time-, task-, and resource-management skills.
  9. Demonstrate job-specific mathematics skills.
  10. Demonstrate customer-service skills.

Demonstrating Workplace Readiness Skills: Technology Knowledge and Skills

  1. Demonstrate proficiency with technologies common to a specific occupation.
  2. Demonstrate information technology skills.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of Internet use and security issues.
  4. Demonstrate telecommunications skills.

Examining All Aspects of an Industry

  1. Examine aspects of planning within an industry/organization.
  2. Examine aspects of management within an industry/organization.
  3. Examine aspects of financial responsibility within an industry/organization.
  4. Examine technical and production skills required of workers within an industry/organization.
  5. Examine principles of technology that underlie an industry/organization.
  6. Examine labor issues related to an industry/organization.
  7. Examine community issues related to an industry/organization.
  8. Examine health, safety, and environmental issues related to an industry/organization.

Addressing Elements of Student Life

  1. Identify the purposes and goals of the student organization.
  2. Explain the benefits and responsibilities of membership in the student organization as a student and in professional/civic organizations as an adult.
  3. Demonstrate leadership skills through participation in student organization activities, such as meetings, programs, and projects.
  4. Identify Internet safety issues and procedures for complying with acceptable use standards.

Demonstrating Knowledge of Hardware, Software, and Operating Systems

  1. Compare word processing, graphic design, multimedia creation, and web page creation.
  2. Evaluate operating systems and hardware for compatibility with common software applications.
  3. Evaluate software used in graphic design, multimedia creation, and web page creation.
  4. Use technical support to resolve problems encountered during the creation of digital projects.
  5. Apply appropriate method to back up files.

Applying Principles of Layout and Design

  1. Identify project-management components.
  2. Plan an effective design for a project.
  3. Apply principles of design, layout, and typography appropriate for a project.
  4. Enhance appearance of a project.

Designing and Creating Print and Graphic Design Projects

  1. Create original content for a digitally designed project.
  2. Demonstrate proofing skills through use of online tools and individual critiquing to check for format, style, correctness, and clarity.
  3. Import text, graphics, tables, and charts for use in a print or graphic design project.
  4. Use time-saving features of print and/or graphic design programs.
  5. Create documents utilizing a variety of layouts including multiple columns, pages, and element positions.

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