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TRIBVN Healthcare, publishers of software solutions for diagnostic cellular and tissue imaging in the laboratory, introduce the latest version of their TeleSlide MultiMedia 4.0 software, which is dedicated to training activities in digital biology and pathology.

A pre-premier presentation of the latest version of TeleSlide MultiMedia will take place at the “Carrefour Pathologie 2016” pathology conference. Version 4.0 of the software has been entirely redesigned to provide users with state-of-the-art ergonomic features which are appropriate to their practices.

The design of visual and graphic elements has been reviewed in the interests of enhancing the dynamic presentation of the platform. Graphics, illustrations and colours are now more harmonious and aesthetically pleasing, thus enhancing the user-friendliness of TeleSlide MultiMedia. The structure of pages has been simplified in the interests of easier and more intuitive navigation. The user is easily guided through the platform, and can now enjoy faster access to the desired content.

Moreover, in order to make navigation clearer still, the various functionalities available are now presented to users in accordance with their profile and their access entitlements to the various workshops. In this way, the user can enjoy direct access to the relevant content.

In addition to its entirely new design, TeleSlide MultiMedia 4.0 also incorporates functional improvements, including the automatic logging of data entries during the completion of the voting form, the simplification of navigation from one case to another, the creation of links to a specific zone of the slide, or the direct integration of the viewer in the TeleSlide webpage.

TeleSlide MultiMedia 4.0 features significant advances. This new version is substantially distinguished from its predecessors by its new ergonomic features. In addition to providing a new visual identity, whilst preserving the existing functionalities upon which its reputation is based, the software incorporates new functions, still with the aim of fulfilling the expectations of users. Our teams have worked in close collaboration with practitioners, in order to provide a software which is tailored to their needs, and which is consistent with their everyday practices and requirements. TeleSlide MultiMedia 4.0 has been designed with you in mind, and will secure the future development of digital pathology. By incorporating biopathological digital imaging from the training stage onwards, TeleSlide MultiMedia encourages practitioners to develop the practices of the future.

With new ergonomic features for new techniques, you are now invited to try TeleSlide MultiMedia 4.0, in support of the development of your digital training practices.

About TRIBVN Healthcare:

For over 20 years, TRIBVN Healthcare has delivered its expertise to the market for diagnostic imaging in biopathology, specifically in the fields of oncology and neurological pathologies. TRIBVN Healthcare designs and supplies solutions for the acquisition, management, processing and sharing of diagnostic cellular and tissue images. TRIBVN Healthcare supplies equipment to hospitals and private health care establishments, together with university and private sector research centres.

Through its comprehensive range of products and services, from integration through to training, the company supports practitioners and researchers in their diagnostic decision-making and scientific evaluation functions, in the service of patients. Confident of its acknowledged expertise and its major capacity for innovation, TRIBVN is a leading operator in Europe, and provides its clients with solutions which incorporate the very latest technologies.

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