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Does what it says it does, no hassle conversion, no crashes, no spyware. I am impressed.


None so far.


Again, free & works perfectly. What higher praise is there?

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Easy to use

After I played one track converted track I thought I should try another - and then another before deciding. All three tracks sounded distorted when played on my mobile. One of them plays fine as an MP4 on my mobile - but the converted version is poor

3 tracks should be enough to determine the quality - and the quality of the playback of the tracks converted to AMR and played on my mobile is very poor

Easy to use with common presets AND it gives you full access to all the settings if you know/want to change them.

Easy to replace the version of ffmpeg bundled to add H.264 support.

None at all. This is exactly what I was looking for.

This software is great. There are many great programs out there for converting video (e.g. Hamster Free Video Converter). However, in their ease of use, they hide all the options for you to control exactly how the output is generated.

If you don't know what you're doing, this is great, but if you want to tweak things this is a pain.

This software both has presets and allows you to modify and make your own settings, including options that the version off ffmpeg bundled with it does not support, but if you upgrade the ffmpeg exe you can still use with this program.

Great Product. Basic and to the point. Works quick.

No Cons that I can tell.

It's a great product. Works awesome for making ringtones.

I pick my song and use Windows Movie Maker to shorten it up if I need to. It works great, It's quick. I can make anything into a ring tone. Its fun to do.
Really simple to add it to the convert list and it converts it to an amr real quick. Than I just send the file bluetooth to my phone and its in. By the way, I use a tracfone with bluetooth. So it can be done very easily.

I couldn't rate it any higher than "Good" because I have only tried AMR to MP3 conversion, which works excellently. The only freeware I have found that does my AMR to MP3 conversions without bugs. Its DRAG AND DROP, which I really like!

none found

Its DRAG AND DROP, which I really like!
No stupid icons.. and takes literally 5 seconds to work out how to use.

This easy-to-work-with software works like magic for me, simple drag and drop make all the work for me. So now I can see Movies on my Iphone. I also used early versions to convert to and from 3GP before I got my Iphone.

:-) he he nothing to dislike !

use it, use it, use it and if you wanna be nice and fair - contribute several USD to the developers.

It was very fast and everything worked like it was suppose to work.

There was nothing I didnt like about the converter.

I like the simplicity and the functionality of this product! Its do it all!!

The trim and crop are hidden. You have to right click on the file you want to crop or trim if you want to select this options.

I like the developers of this product because they had build an app easy to use for anyone! They think as a normal user and not as power user.

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