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InFocus X2 Multimedia DLP Projector

Transform your home into a mini movie theater or deliver stunning multimedia presentations at work. The InFocus IN2104 DLP projector offers fantastic visuals on screens, white walls, and other flat surfaces. This lightweight projector is easy to carry, so you can take the theater experience with you on the go. InFocus is a high-end manufacturer of presentation equipment. The InFocus IN2104 is a flexible model that works well in both professional, home, and outdoor settings. It offers up to 2, 500 lumens at high power and up to 1, 800 lumens in eco mode, giving you lots of light in less than ideal lighting conditions. the five segment color wheel provides vibrant colors, which makes presentations, movies, and games pop. It is easy to adjust the resolution and zoom, as the keystone correction is flexible. This InFocus projector offers XGA resolution of 1024x768 pixels, which offers high definition at larger screen sizes. The contrast ratio is 2, 000:1 and the aspect ration is 4:3. The device has HDTV compatibility at 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, and 1080i, giving you several HD playback options to choose from. The InFocus In2104 DLP projector is easy to set up and operate. It includes VGA, S-Video, and Composite connections, which are compatible with a wide range of computers, digital media players, Blu-ray players, DVD players, and consoles. Check to see if the media device of your choice has a compatible connector before getting started. To set up the projector, simply center your projector on a screen or wall, connect a compatible device, select the projector as your display, and adjust the settings to get a clear picture. This projector also offers a wireless-ready port, which lets you use the InFocus LightShow II or the LightShow 4 adapter. This feature comes in handy when watching movies or showing presentations on the go. To get the true theater experience, you can also connect audio devices such as speakers and receivers to your projector. Use the remote control to manage your display settings just like a regular TV. The InFocus In2104 DLP projector includes an SP-Lamp-039 lamp, which offers up to 3, 000 hours of playback. The bulb is easy to access and replace, even when the projector is mounted. The projector is dust-free and you do not have to change any lamp screens or filters to keep it in good running condition. The InFocus In2104 DLP projector also offers security options. It includes a Kensington lock, which lets you secure the device with a PIN code. It includes a carry case for easy transport from your home to your work. Accessories include a power cord and a VGA cable. Sellers on eBay offer a number of InFocus In2104 DLP projectors at a variety of prices. Start shopping for projectors, replacement lamps, and other essential accessories. Occasionally, sellers may offer bundled products that include connection cables, screens, and mounts. Keep your eyes open and browse the large inventory to find the ideal option for your home theater or office meeting room.

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