Diploma in multimedia design

Multimedia Course Description

Designing Multimedia Computer Environments for Learners

University of Maryland, College of Education, EDHD-499D & 779D Spring 2002

Full Course Description

This course focuses on how new computer technologies for learners can be created and used in an educational setting. The following topics will be explored: understanding the learner as a technology user, defining learning outcomes to be supported by technology, differing approaches to the technology design process and methods of technology integration in the classroom. In the first half of the semester, students will read current publications on technology design methods and educational theories. During class sessions, the readings will be discussed in relation to small group design projects. During the first part of the semester, student teams will develop new multimedia environments for learners using the web, video, and hypermedia.

In the last third of the semester, students will choose a technology to develop a learning experience for the classroom. (Note: for Computer Science students programming will be required, for Education or non-technical majors no programming will be required.) Students will use their understanding of the technology development process to create a new learning tool of their choice. Students will conduct real-world task analysis of learners, define learning outcomes supported by computer technology, implement multimedia environments with learners, and finally develop a technology integration plan for the classroom. Students will be responsible for not only creating a final technology project, but a paper describing how the technology will be integrated in the classroom.

Students with all levels of technology experience are welcome to take this course. In addition, students from all disciplines (e.g., computer science, education, library studies, art, psychology and more) are welcome to take this multidisciplinary course.

Course Project Descriptions

There will be three team design projects for the course. For each project, there will be a maximum of 5 teams of 4 people in a team. These teams will be interdisciplinary and will be specified by the Professor for the first 2 projects. For last project, teams can be created by the students. Throughout the projects, teams will be expected to use the following multimedia tools: Director, Premiere, Web, Photoshop, along with a scanner, digital camera, and video.

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